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Bledisloe House

The Bledisloe Lane Service Centre in Auckland, is a new concept of hight technology office at citizens service.The center incorporates a customer focused design and improves the overall customer experience when interacting with Auckland Council. The builder adopted the innovative FCB (Fan Coil ...

 Auckland, New Zealand
Metropolitan Cathedral

Zefiro fan coils HCVC are built-in the Metropolitan Cathedral, listed in the National Register of Historic Monuments of Romania.
Thanks to the great work of the local distributor, Aertesi adds at its references this prestigious complex. Its form was inspired by the late Italian ...

  - Iasi - Romania
TVK chemical plant

Aertesi for industrial ... On this installation  ducted units as UTW Sb and Ghibli work in combination with pumps and heat recovery units.
 Afterwards, Aertesi supplied units to industrial plants including DuPont (Belgium) with over 40 Zephyr with SATH-BI master control / slave.Controllers ...

Virgin Megastore

The  ducted and built-in units do not interfere with the environment and with the pleasure of listening to a pleased tune classical or modern. The Cassette CH20 GH-EC with a DC motor and fan coil noiseless Serie Zefiro have a flow rate imperceptible to the ear.  Aertesi is also entertainment ...

 Paris, France
Concordia Research Station

Concordia Research Station,  is sited either on Dome C; it is one of the coldest places on Earth. Temperatures hardly rise above −25°C in summer and can fall below −80°C in winter with a recent record –84.6°C in 2010. The annual average air temperature is −54.5°C. Humidity is low and it is also ...

Braschi Palace

Even in complex of historical value and for renovations, Aertesi provides the right solution ... This building of the late eighteenth century became a museum in 1990 after the passage of the City of Rome, that followed the restoration;the installation of non-invasive fan coils recessed ensures a con ...

 Rome, Italy
Police Headquaters

Office and detachment are air-conditioned by 30 ducted units Serie Ghibli (prevalence of 150 Pa) with double-panel and 50 fancoils Zefiro built-in:this mix guarantee a "safe" climate in this installation.


 Dubai, UAE
Erasinio Hospital

The Erasinio Hospital,operational from 2010, is the largest investment currently being made in the health sector in Greece.This impressive investment, with a total surface area of 55,000 m2 and 220 beds, is being built in an outstanding location in the Vari area of Attica, and is the first ...

 Athene, Greece
SeaBank Resort

More than 150 fan coils  Zefiro HC installed in July 2013 in this four star hotel in Malta. Well being for a holiday in a dreaming place: the maximum relax guaranteed by built-in noiseless units.The low rate is possible thanks to silent motors and production on demand as per customer ...

Air treatment units. a fresh breath