Brezza Big 900x900mm

A breath of fresh air! Discover the COANDA EFFECT

The new fan coil cassette BREZZA for 2 and 4 pipe system, is featured by the panel with the intake grille and the frame of air diffusion, both made of painted steel. Thanks to the special shape of the frame of air diffusion, the air flow follows the surface of the ceiling in correspondence of the walls in a homogeneous way, avoiding the production of unpleasant air falls (Coanda effect). There are two versions, of the air intake panel, MPK-C and MPK-D, both designed and tested to ensure the maximum comfort. Thanks to the adjustable flaps, the final user can manage and customize the outlet air flow. BREZZA series, available with AC or EC motor, is the ideal solution for air conditioning in the residential and commercial sector.

The new cassette Serie BREZZA was developed to ensure a high comfort. In fact, the peculiar shape of the panel as per effect COANDA, avoids the production of annoying cold drafts (since ever the problem of fan-coil cassette).

COANDA effect is the tendency of a fluid jet to follow the contour of a nearby surface: the outlet air flow follows the ceiling, then it falls down, following the wall surface. Since the speed of air injected is very low it does not create discomfort to people, as it falls peripherally.
The special configuration of the panel allows you to adjust the output flow depending on the type of environment in which BREZZA is installed.


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