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Venice 20 – 22 FEBRUARY 2019

Aertesi srl, as Aicarr member, is pleased to attend the 51th  AiCARR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, entitled "THE HUMAN DIMENSION OF BUILDING ENERGY PERFORMANCE ACCEPTED ABSTRACTS", with the DemoLab case history.
Through an experimental analysis of the air conditioning system in the residential area, with consequent measurements of air temperature, humidity and CO2 , it was possible to implement new plant regulation strategies in order to improve the thermal comfort inside the premises.
 The research is the result of the collaboration between the company "Aertesi srl" and the University of Padua that, in a fruitful and continuous comparison of ideas, have given life to a project called DemoLab. This is a test laboratory that has been given the shape, structure and composition of a real apartment type of energy class A, in which was inserted a two-zone aeraulic plant whose heart is constituted by the unit of EoS by Aertesi air treatment.
The most diffuse HVAC plant system in residential buildings is the solution made by a hydronic system and a ventilation system. Usually, the scope of the ventilation is not only to replace the exhaust air in the rooms but, also, during the cooling season, to contribute to dehumidify the indoor air which is humidified by the indoor vapor gains, like the human skin transpiration and breathing of people.
In this research, a new plant system based on a new concept of air handling unit is proposed and investigated by means of experimental analysis carried out in a real small apartment, named DemoLab, realized in the laboratory of Aertesi Srl company. This system satisfies both the heating and cooling thermal loads. The research paper outlines the analysis of the measurements in the laboratory, considering the profiles of air temperature, humidity and CO2 rate in several points. The analysis has thus enabled the implementation of new strategies for regulating the system with the resulting total comfort in every part of the building.
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