I.A.Q. : indoor air quality

I.A.Q. : qualità dell'aria indoor

Air treatment purification systems with our products. Aertesi has integrated a complete system into its products to ensure the healthiness of the hydronic terminals and air distribution channels 365 days a year.

Very often more attention is paid to the use of "special" filters (UV lamps, electrostatic filters, activated carbon filters, ..) by not focusing attention on the treatment inside the terminals, that is after the entry of air recirculation or secondary.

In reality, the major sources of risk to the birth and proliferation of bacteria are located inside the terminals, where there is the presence of condensation water in the trays or in the internal insulation and in the exchangers.

There are three solutions proposed by Aertesi:

- FILTRA-SAN for sanitizing the filter with Sanitized technology
- SANI-FAN for sanitizing the surfaces inside the fan-coil with Bioxigen technology (Ionizer)
- BIOX-AIR for sanitizing the aeraulic ducts with Bioxigen technology (Ionizer)

The Aertesi solution is therefore a complete performing solution.

Products that use Bioxigen® technology can be considered effective against all encapsulated viruses (including coronaviruses such as the SARS-Cov-2 virus), as best demonstrated by Test attached to our technical documentation

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