This section is devoted to the origins and to the values ​​with which we look at the market every day with a positive concreteness that allows us to see every challenge as an opportunity. 
Professionalism, integrity, dialogue and respect are principles that, as second generation inside the company, we share with our team: we do our best with passion, pride and gratitude for the example handed down.
The new Aertesi Unipersonale Srl  aquired on 2012, draws sap from the roots of human experience and entrepreneurial than forty years on air conditioning: a life of sacrifice, dreams, satisfactions, and a lot of work.
Many friends and partners on worldwide trusted alongside on us, who are growing up at the shade of this tree, in the art of never give up but always reinvente ourself vigorously to pursue  our dreams.

Thanks to those who believed and believe in us,suppliers, customers but especially thanks to our father Mr.Giuseppe Boaro and at his tireless example ...